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Alex Spitzli

Hello, my name is Alex Spitzli (she/her) and I’m so excited to be on the Advocacy and Outreach Panel. I work at a Broadway-like theater in New York. Working here has brought so many amazing members of the LGBTQ+ community into my life. I also have many other LGBTQ+ family members and friends. All of these amazing human beings have taught me so much already and I’m eager for them to continue to help me learn more and more.

My hobbies include my love of baking.  My parents were integral in my acceptance of my LGBTQ+ friends. I have a knack for making rainbow cookies for my LGBTQ+ friends. Through my entire life, every time I made cookies, my parents would ask Who For and When would they be by. . I am blessed to have had the most amazing and accepting parents. With never failing love and hugs for all, they would tell us all that we could be whoever we wanted to be as long as we were happy. I’m happy to and am ready to help with the push for positive change. I’m working towards and hoping that my involvement with The Love Network becomes the beacon of light that many need to realize all deserve the same rights.
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