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Organizations featured here offer services of various forms. 

The Colors of Love recommends the following national organizations when seeking resources that can offer immediate responses for those with urgent needs.

The Trevor Project – an organization whose mission is to serve as an agent for and fight against transgender homelessness. The work they do is vital, as they interact with families on the edge of internal crisis. For more information visit

PFLAG – Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (and trans folks too!) is one of the largest support networks for families and friends. Visit them at:

ACLU / LAMBDA – Both are reputable legal action firms that advance the LGBTQ agenda. They can be found at and

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - just a phone call or web link away!



As an advocacy agency it is our intention is to provide educational resource materials for families wherever they may be on their journey to find authenticity. We found it necessary that one of our approaches to researching the information would be to do a basic internet search. This was an easy decision to make as it is the most common way for anyone to find answers to topics they aren’t well versed in. Our thought was to find the same information the families we seek to serve would find, but present it with our authentic view. We found that there are several bonafide agencies, some of which are referenced and sourced within our text, but generally speaking, there was no “one size fits all” model that featured all of the content in the way we present it.

The following organizations are references for materials presented on our home page:

Trevor Project

True Colors United

Freedom for All Americans


Our first featured article was produced by our Advocacy & Outreach Panel. Following a fact finding mission, the panel of 5 met with our Founder to craft the first of several pieces to follow. In this article, you will find a general overview of what we thought to be the most significant stats you needed to know right away. Future featured articles are in the works, each focusing on some of the specific content seen within the articles found n our Advocacy pages.

Two unique features to The Colors of Love – ASK JOE ANYTHING (our version of Dear Abby) and MOM LETTERS – (letters to youth in shelters) click on either graphic for more information and to get involved today!

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