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Another unique offering of The Colors of Love is our series ‘Mom Letters’.


As an homage to a specific component of our original fundraiser ‘Operation Snowball’,  The Colors of Love has kept the ‘Mom Letters’ feature as a daily offering of outreach.

So, What is a ‘Mom Letter’?

A Mom letter is a letter (usually written by a mom, though can be written by a dad, a big sister, a brother, or a friend) to someone of the transgender community that is currently living in a shelter.

What should my letter include?

Your letter can be widespread and general, offering love, praise, and acceptance. Though we find the BEST LETTERS are the ones written from the heart. They might include passages such as “I see you for who you are, and aspire to make the world a place where others do as well.” Writers might even try “YOU ARE NEVER ALONE”.

Who can write ‘Mom Letters’?

A ‘Mom Letter’ can be written by anyone! Moms, dads, sisters, friends, allies, supporters, everyone!

How do I SIGN my ‘Mom Letter?

With Love, from a friend in Colorado
A Dad who cares in Maine

How do I SUBMIT my ‘Mom Letter?

Send us an email to and we will get your ‘Mom Letter’ sent to a shelter of your choosing from our list!

Here is a Mom Letter from a Mom in Pennsylvania:

Well, Hello YOU!
While I may not know YOUR NAME, I would like you to know mine. I am Sharon, a mother of two.
I have been keeping you close to heart ever since I joined a social media group called The Love Network – I hope you’ve hear of us!
I want you to know that for every person who makes you feel less than valid, know there are three of us who wish you well, me and my two daughters. I have told them about you and your plight to find acceptance. I use YOU as an example of how my daughters should treat everyone. YOU are a beacon of strength and I hope you find a world of family of friends that accepts you JUST AS YOU ARE. My girls and I do!
Best Wishes, Make Good Choices,

Sharon, Stroudsburg, PA

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