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Here are just a few ways YOU can VOLUNTEER with The Colors of Love

ADVOCACY TEAM – We are ALWAYS looking to expand our A&O Team. The department as a whole meets once a month with their director where research tasks are reviewed and assigned. A second “follow up” session is held two weeks later where research is reviewed and publications are created. The A&O staff also serves as moderators and presenters for our Community Conversations series

MARKETING TEAM – Can you believe we have created all of this content with only ONE CONTENT CREATOR? We are actively seeking someone with experience to create graphic content and manage social media accounts. This should be viewed as “light work” that you would WANT TO DO in your free time.

We will be on the hunt for telethon volunteers soon. We will be in search of a driver (must be able and willing to drive into NYC on a Saturday in December). We are also in search of “Production Assistants” who will serve at the discretion of our telethon producers. Some roles might include cue card holder, food preparer, or facilities management. The requirement would happen over the first weekend in December in Mount Vernon, NY

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