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What have we been up to?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

October 31, 2021

In the time since we rolled out the website, MUCH has transpired – here’s a brief overview of where we are as of October 31

TRINITY PLACE SHELTER is being forced to renovate, as mandated by The City of New York. The project will take roughly 3 months. The residents will be allowed to stay at the shelter during the renovations, with the except of the week or so where the plumbing is being replaced. During that time, their sister shelter, New Alternatives will step in to keep a roof over Trinity resident’s heads. The Colors of Love, through the generosity of my employer – American Christmas, was able to step in and offer storage for Trinity. This will alleviate the shelter form having to add another financial burden of finding affordable storage in NYC as such a thing does not exist!

NEW ALTERNATIVES SHELTER has been added to the list of shelters we serve. When word got out that New Alternatives was providing housing to our friends at Trinity, I knew we had to step in and do something just as good as the deed they are. In speaking to their director, I learned about their GAY SANTA program whereby the residents of New Alternatives write a letter to Santa asking for up to $100 worth of items they need or want. This sounded like it had The Colors of Love and The Love Network written all over it. Stay tuned as further details will be available soon.

TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS TELETHON will begin Tuesday, November 30 (Giving Tuesday) and continue through the following weekend. The initial plan is to do a LIVE SHOW Friday, December 9, and Saturday, December 10. Mark your calendars and be sure to follow along as The Colors of Love staff brings you a full program featuring educational materials, informative discussions lead by panelists who specialize in materials being custom created for our audience of donors. Official announcement coming soon.

DONOR PREMIUM PINS have been rolled out – check out our PINS page for more information. We are actively seeking a donor for the second pin, to be made available once the remaining stock of the Founder’s Pins has been depleted.

HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS will be available to purchase through our Presenting Partner American Christmas. Official announcement with all details of purchase to be made the first week in November.

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