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Agents of Love & Light - DCI

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The Colors of Love seeks to bring LGBTQ+ awareness to the pageantry world via a newly formed partnership with Music City Drum & Bugle Corps. This partnership will benefit Launch Pad - a Nashville based organization that caters to homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Founded in 2021, The Colors of Love serves as an advocacy agency whose mission is to further advance the LGBTQ+ agenda by providing educational and informational resources needed by those seeking authenticity and acceptance, as well as those whose lives are impacted by such. Tools for families about coming to terms with being a part of a community not very many people ever desire to become a part of. According to The National Network for Youth, of the 4.2 million homeless youth in America today, an overwhelming 40% (1,680,000) are LGBTQ+, under the age of 22. Intolerance and lack of acceptance at home is among the leading cause for LGBTQ+ youth being 120% more likely to experience homelessness as compared to their cis-gendered peers. Music City Drum Corps is a World Class competitive drum and bugle corps based out of Nashville, TN. Founded in 2009 with 47 members, the corps is now home to over 150 high school and college aged musicians and performers who will travel to more than 10 states to appear in over 20 contests this summer. Launch Pad is a Nashville based organization that provides up to six months of overnight accommodations in "home-like" apartments through their Emergency Housing Program. With onsite staff and case management, guests are able to focus on employment and search for permanent housing without the struggles of living on the streets. During the winter months, Launch Pad hosts a second program offering that provides Emergency Shelter through it's network of local parishes when space is available. The Shelter provides an LGBTQ+ affirming, safe sleeping environment. Staff and volunteers are trained in trauma informed care as everyone involved aims to create a welcoming, secure, and healing environment. The Colors of Love seeks to be a conduit bringing two communities together. Fully aware of the rising costs of living, it is NOW, more than ever - that we should be looking after those who aren't being looked after by those who should be doing just that. Can you give up a cup of coffee so a kid in a shelter can have a hot breakfast?


Spectators who visit the Music City Merchandise Kiosk will find two unique opportunities to create kindness through compassion. HEARTS OF HOPE boards will be on display at select contests. Attached to the board will be BLANK hearts where anyone and everyone can and should handwrite an inspirational and uplifting message of hope, love, & support to the youth who call Launch Pad home. Cognizant that these youth had their rainbows taken away by the very same people who gave them life but stopped short at loving their child unconditionally. We seek your assistance in filling that void. HEARTS OF HOPE is a NO COST program offering of The Colors of Love. The boards created over the summer of 2022 will be donated put on display at various Launch Pad locations so that the youth who call that shelter home, might take with them YOUR positive and uplifting note at a time when the world seems so dark. The second way to get involved is by visiting and registering as an AGENT of LOVE & LIGHT. In exchange for your completed registration and minimum donation of $15, you will receive a LOVE & LIGHT LANYARD - a rainbow lanyard with credential that identifies YOU as an AGENT of Love & Light. The lanyard comes complete with a 3" light up acrylic heart thus signaling to everyone that YOU are an Agent of Love & Light and that you provide a safe space to those who need to come out to someone. Spectators will have the option to pick up their lanyard at select drum corps contests, or to have it mailed to them (for an additional fee). Proceeds (less operational costs not to exceed $5 plus the cost of shipping) will be donated to Launch Pad as part of the annual Colors of Love Telethon held in December. -- Darren Delaney (He, Him, His) Founder & CEO

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