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What We Do

The Colors of Love serves as an Advocacy Agency for those who have recently found themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Our site has been designed to give parents, teens, and allies informative materials specifically designed to answer many of the questions that come up during the authentication process. Funds raised through our various campaigns will benefit shelters or other organizations that cater specifically to LGBTQ+ youth.

Here, you'll find

Our site has been designed as a place to bring together those that seek LGBTQ+ related information and resources with those who have real life experiences with the same. Proceeds from fund raising efforts seen throughout the site are donated to vetted shelters and social programs that cater to LGBTQ+ youth. Be sure to visit our Get Involved Page to see the various ways YOU can become a part of what we do!

Our Mission

To further advance the LGBTQ+ movement by providing a platform for advocacy, education, and raised awareness. No child should ever be without family.

Our Inaugural Telethon - a community brought together by The Colors of Love raises over $35,000 in support of two NYC organizations that embattle the LGBTQ+ homeless youth crisis


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[“With transgender teens facing homelessness at such an alarming rate, the need for educational resources is only matched by the need to fund shelters that offer a safe haven to such youth. With less than .01% of the federal funding reaching shelters for LGBTQ youth, there is much work for the rest of us to do!”]

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