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Dawn Britland

 My name is Dawn and I think YOU are fabulous! I grew up in a very small town in Massachusetts. I have been a lifelong ally to the LGBTQ+ community since I met my BFF. (Little did I know the n that he would go on to become the founder of The Colors of Love) in high school and we became lifelong friends. He was one of the first openly gay teens in our school and because of this, I have seen all sorts of diversity in the common place. It saddens me to see the same type of adversity I witnessed happen to Darren 30 years ago, still be part of our social norms.


I am a lifelong resident of our little hometown in Massachusetts where my immediate family of 5 strong women give me life and happiness. I am in my 26th year with my employer - a not for profit organization where I am a senior level accounts manager. Among my passions, I am a certified Reiki Master  sending positivity to ALL.

The world needs much more positivity, wouldn't you agree?

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