Nicole Mastroeni

Founder & COO
Nicole Mastroeni 2022

"No child should be without a family" would be the tug at her heart that would make Nicole want to become partnering founder to the idea from which this was all begun.


Nicole (Kondziela) Mastroeni has been along for the crazy ride since the founding of The Colors of Love (and truth be told, long before!)  keeping our organization progressing at full steam!

A wife and mother first, Nicole takes on the plight of all those whom we seek to serve. Fully aware that not everyone has the same opportunities, Nicole sets out to make sure the youth we are able to work with are given as many chances at joy and happiness as we can provide.

It is often said that SHE is the method behind the madness.

*This bio was prepared by Colors of Love Founder, Darren Delaney