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June 18, 2022

The Colors of Love brings Love & Light to it's debut pride event. Saturday, June 18, Providence RI, there we were. Our booth was set up as to be an inviting space where guests would be made to feel welcome with comfortable seating. Hundreds of stories were shared. Just as many pamphlets, stickers, and word packs (LGBTQ+ word games) were also distributed. Highlights of the day included those picked up their Love & Light Lanyard in exchange for signing up for our newsletter and making a $15. donation. (Lanyards are available to any donor who meets the same requirements. Find our Love & Light lanyards here. Hearts of Hope continued to be the success we have come to know it to be. Signage is all that explains what we are asking passers by to do. Well over 300 individually handwritten notes of inspiration have been left on our boards. Those boards will soon find their way to Trinity Place Shelter for the youth there to receive the outpouring of love that tis campaign has grown to become. We learned that support groups for LGBTQ+ adults do not exist in the greater Rhode Island / Massachusetts area. Alarmingly, neither do LGBTQ+ youth shelters. Through meeting several of the young people who visited, we learned that there is a major need to create educational tools for parents who have just learned they are now part of the LGBTQ+ community. To that regard, we say Challenge Accepted! Help end intolerance by letting everyone know YOU are an Agent of The Colors of Love. Please pick up your Love & Light Lanyard today. Providence Pride video:

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April 24, 2022

The Colors of Love Informational Resources Table made it's debut at the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network (MAIN) Circuit Championships held in Allentown PA. Less than a week later, we were also a presence on the concourse of TIA Atlantic Indoor Championships held in Wildwood, NJ. The table featured FUN PACKS - word search and crossword type puzzles geared toward learning new LGBTQ+ terms that are featured in our Glossary. Brochures featuring our website offerings, complete with direct link QR code were made available to those who inquired more about what we do. Our website was on full display and an attached monitor replayed our recent telethon. Our table offered a unique opportunity for those present to get involved with one of our ongoing initiatives - The Trinity Place Shelter Rec Room Renovation Project. Be sure to check out our Hearts of Hope page for more information. We met several young people and their families - all at various stages of their journey to find acceptance of authenticity. We witnessed first hand how intolerant adults can be. The need to educate the general population of society continues to be a growing area of concern for us as we prepare to begin taking on this challenge. Special thanks Patricia Matos who single handedly managed the table in Allentown, and to Evy Bartholomew (and her husband Dan) for adding the QR codes to our brochures. Truly a testament to how grass roots our organization really is!

Updated: May 5

April 19, 2022

2021 could not have ended on a better note for The Colors of Love. A successful telethon would allow us to spread Christmas cheer to more people in need this year than last. Thanks to the generosity of our most loyal supporters, we played the role of Gay Santa to 25 of the residents enrolled in New Alternative's programs while simultaneously guaranteeing the ability to deliver on our promise to Trinity Place Shelter that upon completion of their renovation, we would take care of their rec. room. Both organizations provided our donors with one of two unique ways to get involved in actively creating joy for someone else out of a simple gesture of Christmas Kindness. The Trinity Rec Room project will be unfolding in the coming weeks - just WAIT till you see what we've got up our sleeve. 2022 kicked off with just as much good news as 2021 ended for us. With our 501c3 approval from the IRS in hand, and just as we are about to file our first ever tax statement, The Colors of Love has begun to find unique opportunities to become visible within the world around us, as our informational table becomes present throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Interactive ways for everyone to get involved - donors, parents, supportive teens. To keep things in perspective, I would like to leave you with two news articles. Both are recent. Like 2022 recent. They speak to the current affairs of the homeless NYC LGBTQ+ population - a mecca for most LGBTQ+ kids from all over the country. I made it a point to read them this morning knowing I was coming here to write this. Knowing I had nothing but good news to share. Knowing that our fight to spread kindness is always going to be considered the underdog. Challenge accepted Please find the donate button.

Article about homeless LGBTQ+ youth in NYC

Article about why the youth are so important to us