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You Will ALWAYS be LOVED here

Our Mission

To further advance the LGBTQ+ movement by providing a platform for advocacy, education, and raised awareness. No child should ever be without family.

Here, you'll find

Our website has been designed as a method to further advance acceptance and inclusivity.  Those recently finding themselves on a journey of authenticity might find the information on our TEENS page to be a useful guide through the process. Our PARENTS page highlights the importance of acceptance while offering a means to achieve the same.
Our GLOSSARY, FAQ's, and TALKING TRANS segments have been created as a means for ALL PEOPLE to learn LGBTQ+ proper terminology and usage.

Our ASK JOE ANYTHING feature is here for anyone who has questions they seek answers to. Visitors submit their questions and the responses are posted for all to see.
Continuing to educate all people is the only way acceptance can ever become the norm. We're here to help.

What We Do

The Colors of Love serves as an Advocacy Agency for those who have recently found themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Our site has been designed to give parents, teens, and allies informative materials specifically designed to answer many of the questions that come up during the authentication process. Funds raised through our various campaigns will benefit shelters or other organizations that cater specifically to LGBTQ+ youth.

Our Inaugural Telethon - a community brought together by The Colors of Love raises over $35,000 in support of two NYC organizations that embattle the LGBTQ+ homeless youth crisis

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June 18, 2022


The Colors of Love brings Love & Light to it's debut pride event. Saturday, June 18, Providence RI, there we were. Our booth was set up as to be an inviting space where guests would be made to feel welcome with comfortable seating. Hundreds of stories were shared. Just as many pamphlets, stickers, and word packs (LGBTQ+ word games) were also distributed. Highlights of the day included those picked up their Love & Light Lanyard in exchange for signing up for our newsletter and making a $15. donation. (Lanyards are available to any donor who meets the same requirements. Find our Love & Light lanyards here.

Hearts of Hope continued to be the success we have come to know it to be. Signage is all that explains what we are asking passers by to do. Well over 300 individually handwritten notes of inspiration have been left on our boards. Those boards will soon find their way to Trinity Place Shelter for the youth there to receive the outpouring of love that tis campaign has grown to become.

We learned that support groups for LGBTQ+ adults do not exist in the greater Rhode Island / Massachusetts area. Alarmingly, neither do LGBTQ+ youth shelters. Through meeting several of the young people who visited, we learned that there is a major need to create educational tools for parents who have just learned they are now part of the LGBTQ+ community. To that regard, we say Challenge Accepted!


Help end intolerance by letting everyone know YOU are an Agent of The Colors of Love. Please pick up your Love & Light Lanyard today.

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According to the National Network for Youth, of the 4.2million homeless youth (under the age of 22) a resounding 40% (1.6million) identify as LGBTQ+ 
FAMILY CONFLICT and LACK OF ACCEPTANCE are the primary reasons for so many youth being unsheltered.


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